Dublin, Ireland

Doing a workout

From your dasboard, you can click into your workout for the day.

1: Click here to send a message to your trainer

2: Click here to view the workout
Once you've clicked on View Workout, you'll see a summary of the workout.  If you want to get started, click the start button.
Once you've clicked the start button, you'll see all of the exercises for the workout.

1: Click here to go into the first exercise

2: Click here to access your timer for recording rest between exercises, or for timing sets.
The next screen you'll get will prepare you for the workout. Click on 'Let's Go!', and you'll be taken to the first set of the first exercise
Once you're in the workout, you can see your first exercise, with pictures to demonstrate the movement.

1: View exercise history

2: Record your exercise technique for your trainer to check form

3: More detailed information about the exercise, including a video demo

4: Record your reps completed, and other notes

5: The exercise name, and how many sets and reps you  should complete
After you've finished all of the exercises, you'll be asked to mark the workout as complete. This will then save the workout.
If you have any other questions regarding the app, please contact us via the button below:
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