Dublin, Ireland

Using the App

Log into the app using the email and password you have been sent.  

If you don't have your username and password, contact us and we'll send it again.
The dashboard shows your upcoming workouts, as well as your current progress.
In the schedule tab, you can view any upcoming workouts or tasks for the day or week.
The Programs tab contains all of your current programs.  Usually there might be only one (or possibly two) different programs here.
The guides tab will have any guides you may have been sent.
The logbook tab is used for tracking your progress.  Although your food can be tracked in the Food Diary section, we will link My Fitness Pal to the app for tracking your intake.

The Result Tracking section will be used for you to track your bodyweight progress over time.
By going to Logbook > Tracking > Bodyweight, you can create entries for your bodyweight that can be tracked over time.
By clicking the speech bubble icon at the top right of your dashboard, you can message your trainer any time for questions, advice and support.
If you have any other questions regarding the app, please contact us via the button below:
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